Owning a Chinchilla

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Owning a Chinchilla

This site is set up to go over all aspects of chinchilla care.  There is a lot of bad information on the internet when it comes to owning a chinchilla. As well, this site will give plenty of resources to help anyone who wants to learn or just ensure they are taking care of the chinchilla in the best way. This is not the ONLY way to own chinchillas and you are more than welcome to take bits and pieces for what works for you.  Chin owners are all over the world and we all have ideas about what is right and what isn't. 


All aspects of chinchilla care will be covered from housing and diet to behaviour and common illnesses. 

As well, if you find you want to talk to other chinchilla owners you can always visit: www.canadianchinchilla.proboards.com  which is a forum with many other chin owners.

IF you have any chinchilla related questions you can email me at: [email protected]  I am always able to answer chin related questions.


If you are looking for a chinchilla please check out the Canadian Chinchilla Rescue because adopting a rescue saves lives!

NOTE: this site is still under construction and will be added to on an ongoing basis.  Not everything is up on the site yet.


Before you get a chinchilla, you should read all this info!

Your Chinchillas Cage- Find ways to set up your cage and make it safe and fun for your chinchilla

Proper diet for chinchillas- Learn how to ensure your chinchilla is getting the best diet so they can live a long life.

Health and Behaviour

Bringing your chinchila home- what to expect and how you can help bond with your chinchilla.

Resources and How To's

Chinchilla Shopping List- What you should buy and what items aren't safe!


Online Chinchilla and small animal supply store: Zoey and Lilo's Toybox

Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zoey-and-Lilos-Toy-Box-175925829150840

Canadian Chinchilla Rescue

Canadian Chinchilla Forum